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Google Play Billing

This module is a rewritten version of the (outdated) Titanium InAppBilling Module module and uses the Google Play Billing v3 (GPBL) moduke in Titanium Android. The currently used Billing Library version is 3.0.3 (latest available, v4 is already in progress). It can be uploaded to Google Play without issues and is updated frequently!

Looking for iOS? Ti.StoreKit, the in-app-purchase module for iOS, has been rewritten as well, for example with pending transactions handling, better receipt-validation and redemption codes. See Get the module for ways to contact.

Get the module

The Play Billing module has been rewritten from the scratch (using Kotlin) to offer a modern and maintained alterative to ti.inappbilling. If you are interested in the module, pleas reach out via TiSlack (@hans) or Twitter (@hansemannnn).