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Titanium lets you develop cross-platform native mobile applications and build great mobile experiences using JavaScript.
Find more about Titanium in the official Titanium documentation.

If you need Titanium help/support you can join TiSlack, use the GitHub discussions or ask on Stackoverflow. For any bigger support or new apps feel free to contact me.


New to Titanium?

You want to start developing your first app with Titanium or install the software for the first time? Have a look at “How to install Appcelerator Titanium” or at the other tutorials for other topics (push, maps, camera and much more).

Featured modules

Some must have modules for your next Titanium app:

Latest Modules

Latest updated modules

  • ti.plistreaderSimple titanium module to read Info.plist file, mainly for CFBundleVersion
  • ti.zendeskZendesk messaging module for Titanium
  • Titanium InAppPush iOS ModuleSend Push notifications from device or also simulator to an other device (app) P2P push over Apple P...
  • TiCircularProgress - Circular progress indicatorCircular progress indicator module for Appcelerator Titanium. Apple Silicon support + some changes ...
  • Titanium Wrapper for JBChartViewThe Ti.JBChart project providers a wrapper around the JBChartView. Ti 10 and Apple Silicon support...

Need an app, Titanium support or an Android module?

Get in contact with me!

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